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Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice Building Fund
Our Platinum Sponsors-$50,000+

Our heartfelt Thank you to Belize Bank for their generous donation supporting the construction of the first hospice in Belize!!! $50,000Bze (US25,000)

Blissfulsage Foundation is honored to have been selected and featured by Belize Bank in their 2014 Christmas Card. We are deeply appreciative and humbled to have been recognized for the work we have done to improve the quality of life for terminally ill patients in Belize.

Raquel Battle, center, receiving $50,ooo donation from Mrs. Michale and Mr. Gusseppi of Belize Bank in Belize City 2013.
**Our Gold Sponsors-$30,000-$49,000
**Silver Sponsor-$10,000-$29,000

Thank you to Belize Natural Energy Ltd. for your generous contribution of$10,000Bze supporting the construction of the Edlin Leslie sr. Hospice in Dangriga, Belize. Dr. Gilbert Canton at Belize Natural Energy limited was the first business to make a financial contribution supporting the Edlin Leslie Sr. hospice building fund in 2013.
* Anonymous Donor
Bronze Sponsor-$2,500-$9,000
Tomas Smith-Johns Hopkins Hospital-
2012-$5000 Bze. 
2014-$3000 Bze
Dr. Smith was the first individual to make a financial contribution to estbalish the building fund in 2012.
* Atlantic Bank International and Domestic-$2,500
Hope for Hospice Building contributions
Anonymous (LCE)-$1000
Hope for Hospice operational contributions
Chabil Mar Villas—
Hospice 100 Campaign-Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice
The Blissfulsage Foundation Board members areseeking 100 individuals or family to donate $1000 ($500US) Bze eachto support the Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice building project. Join the Movement TODAY!!!
WE will post the names as contributions are received.
Hospice 100 contributors
1.Bryce Leslie-$1000 
2. Anonymous Family(CE)-$500 
3. Tropic Air-$500
4. Dr. Ellsworth Grant  -$1000
5. St. Titus Episcopal Church-$600
Christmas Gifts December 2013
1. Patrick & Eloise Coyne -Virginia, USA
2. Calreen & James Wiencek -Virginia, USA
Belize in You-Handcrafted Soaps etc.
April 2014ELNEC———–$240 (BIU USA)
July 2014———————$400 (BIU Bze)
September 2014 ELNEC—-$210 (BIU USA)
Memorial Contributions
1. Your name here
Thanksgiving contributions
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Time and Service on Hospice Building Plans /Geotechnical and Structural Work
1. James Esquivel-Architect
2. Wade Bevier-Specifier (Smith Group) 
3. Wade Bevier-LEED Certification of Building
4. Simon Richmond-Structural Consultant 
5. Thurton & Associates-Geotechnical Work
6. Jeremy Enriquez-Belize based hospice project Liaison 
7. Roy Cayetano-Belize based hospice project Liaison 
8. Nigel Martinez-Belize based hospice project Liaison 
9. Raquel Battle-Hospice project Director/Fundraising 
10. Philip Waight- Engineer
Organizations and Businesses in kind contributions
1. Thurton and Associates-Belize City
2. Phillip Waight
Immediate and URGENT NEEDS for hospice building project
*Contractor sensitive to LEED certification requirements or a willingness to comply with LEED expectations. For more information contact elshospice@gmail.com
* Financial Contribution