Why Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice?

0_0_0_0_120_179_csupload_31382382Witnessing the long, painful bus journeys my dad took to reach treatment for his prostate cancer and his discomfort when returning was severely challenging. Eventually, my father stayed in North Virginia to access hospice care. There, at Capital Hospice, he made his dying wish: To establish hospice care in Belize, so that others would not suffer the way he did. That was when I resolved to realize his appeal by helping those with terminal illnesses to spend their last days in the comfort and security of familiar surroundings.

Named in honor of my father, Edlin Leslie Sr. Hospice and Home Care is the culmination of my dream. Here, we believe in living life to the fullest, even if your days are limited. We attend to our patients’ physical, social and spiritual needs while helping their family members cope with their passage.

Our philosophy is simple- We’re Family. We are here in your time of need. If you are considering Edlin Leslie Hospice, or any hospice care, I invite you to e-mail me at elshospice@gmail.com or call me personally at 626-940-7879. To request our hospice referral and certification form for hospice admission, please call 522-3890 to speak to the Blissfulsage office located in Dangriga at 6 Bluefield Rd.