To provide quality, dignified care for terminally ill patients in Southern Belize.



To build and operate a hospice care home for the benefit of the people in Southern Belize.

Programs  & Services

Grief  After  Loss  Bereavement Program
Doula Service



Wellness Center
Doula Services

Featured Donations

We are eternally grateful for donations from individuals and businesses.  Your contributions provide invaluable resources enabling us to continue to meet the needs of our communities in Southern Belize with End-Of-Life care support through the work of BlissfulSage Foundation.
Ms.  Dellone Pascascio
Co-Founder Belize Cancer Center, Dangriga
Dangriga Town
Donations of incontinent care supplies and nutritional supplements to support our patients and family caregivers.


I am very grateful for BlissfulSage Foundation for helping with supplies for my mom. We have gotten support for my Mom for more than two years. This has been very helpful especially since I have not been able to work. I first learned about this organization from a friend and they have been a big help. I am sure Blissfulsage Foundation has made life easier for people who need this support.

Ms. Judy Mcfiel Smith

Family Caregiver

During the time when my grandmother was
terminally ill, Blissfulsage Foundation’s
Edin Leslie Sr. Hospice sent a caregiver
to visit her weekly and a nurse to assess
her vitals. She was treated with compassion
and the highest level of professionalism.
Thank you, Raquel, for bringing this much
needed service to Belize.

Dr. Arlie Petters

Professor at Duke University Durham, NC